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OUR MISSION is to assist 
like-minded clients to achieve their PR and Marketing objectives.  We are just like your Marketing and PR department, working for you professionally.
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An established and credible spa operator of more thna 17 years, HAACH has engaged ATMC for their branding and PR campaign, exciting events lining up. Stay tuned. 

Arteastiq Tea Lounge by Marxx
After 1 year of successful launch, Arteastiq is ready for expansion locally and overseas.  Arteastiq engaged ATMC's PR and business franchise/expansion service to assist in its expansion plans, with targeted media relations to build brand image and positioning.  Latest news that is of high interest and novelty is the launch of their Social Art Jam at their Tea Lounge which attracted many people from students, families, kids to tourists and many celebrities!

RealStar Premier Property
ATMC is re-engaged by RealStar  for the third year to further strengthen its leadership position in the landed property arena as well as to pitch for interviews and assist in various award proposal submission. 

Atos Wellness Group
ATMC is re-engaged by Atos Wellness Group to assist in managing its PR campaigns for Atos, Ina Harmony and and Centre of Integrated Medicine after a successful 1 year PR campaign from 2009 to 2010.

Clarks Autumn/ Winter 2010
For the 4th year, Clarks has renewed its PR retainer with ATMC and ATMC is ready to assist clients in achieving more media coverage for their Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection.

Bio Design Pte Ltd
ATMC is engaged by premium interior design firm - Bio Design Pte Ltd on a 1-year retainer to re-position the company with total marketing, PR and sales serrvice support.  

Derma-Nature Beauty
ATMC is engaged by Derma-Nature Beauty for its rebranding, marketing and PR campagin with a refreshing, new corporate identity and massive marketing tieups as well as media awareness to increase sales.



Kitagawa Japanese Restaurant
ATMC is engaged by brand new - Kitagawa Japanese Restaurant to support them in ther publicity and PR efforts with media food tasting sessions, designing of the marketing collaterals.
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Global Marketing & Media Planning

We are your professional, outsourced marketer with ready connections and media nework that you can tap on instantly to produce results.  Let our consultants plan and manage for you a total IMC package - to help you project a consistent image to your target audience by using the most appropriate...

Branding & Design

Stand out from the crowd, be recognized even with a passing glance - we help to establish your corporate identity,  and set standards for all your branding needs for a consistent brand image, brand recognition and brand loyalty... [more]

Global PR Management
Get the necessary media attention with our powerful and informative press releases specially crafted with key messages.  We assist you to find creative, unique ways to set you apart, proactively delivering your message, garner interviews and media coverage.  We identify the most relevant and suitable spokespersons for your brands. [more]

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ATMC Online Press Release Portal allows you to submit self-written press releases FREE that might be picked up by relevant or interested media... [more]

Media Room 
The Media Room is exclusively for the media's usage.  You may access infromation your require about our client and download their press kits for your reference if you are a registered user...

Social Media Marketing
We assist brands and companies engage their customers or stakeholders with two-way converations on relevant multiple social media platforms. Be it across the entire social media and marketing mix or a product launch, we create your blueprint and roadmap for success..... [more]

Video Production & Photography
Increase your customers' engagement, capture cosnumers' attention and tell your brand story, product features, etc . With our creativity and skills, we help to tell your story, from script writing, production, casting, we ensure your video gets maximum mileage and viewership... [more]

Distribution / Sales Management
With our extensive marketing and PR services, clients often engage us to further assist in the distribution of their products or assist in sales managment to generate revenue and bottom line profits.... [more}

We provide merchandise sourcing and planning for promotional premiums to support clients in their effective launch for a coordinated total image...[more]  

Franchise Consultation

Expand your business by franchising.  We will help prepare your business for potentital franchising with proper branding, marketing and operations guidelines.  We will also help you identify potentital franchisess locally and overseas.....[more]



Established since 2001, our team has more than 15 years of industry experience and network for which companies and brands can leverage on and partner with us for successful marketing, PR and business expansion.

We are your ideal marketing, PR and business partner, providiing you sound advisory and effective implementation tapping on our extensive network of media, bloggers, influencers and celebrities, handling various projects across various industries.

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