Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Integrated Marcoms Planning

For many years, the promotional function in most companies was dominated by mass media advertising – mainly print, TV and radio.  It is necessary to utilize the wide range of marketing and promotional tools which can be coordinated to communicate effectively and present a consistent image for the company.

There is need for synergy among these various tools by acquiring Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing, Corporate Identity, Product Packaging, Internet, Point-of-Purchase/Display,Print media etc.  It also helps avoid any duplication of efforts if any of these tools are handled differently.

ATMC also provides expert advice to firms launching new products, entering new markets, or building visibility.  We assist you in:

  • Developing marketing campaigns
  • Writing business plans and strategies
  • Providing expertise when in-house resources
are not available

Let our consultants plan and manage for you a total IMC package – to help you project a consistent image to your target audience by using the most appropriate and creative methods to reach out to the target audience as well as your company’s stakeholders.

For more information on our services, email us or phone +65 9477 7838.

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