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Amazing Emiliano Cyrus performing in 4 big shows in China

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Amazing Emiliano Cyrus performing in 4 big shows in China for their Chinese New Year Spring Festival gala programmes. Another great achievement for our international child superstar.

Absolutely not a single child celebrity has achieved so much! Emiliano Cyrus has been invited to perform in two major TV programmes in China. And possible more upcoming… highly sought after superstar.

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Extracted from his page: 
2019 unlocked with 4 esteemed major invitations from different TV stations in China for auspicious Lunar New Year Spring festival gala programmes which are each station’s much-awaited and most watched lunar new year programme. 
Thank you to all 4 major programmes for inviting me, it was a great honour to be invited by such esteemed stations for an incredible festive programme
1. Liaoning Satellite TV 辽宁卫视, Main “Spring Festival Gala” 主春晚 
2. Liaoning Satellite TV 辽宁卫视, “Children’s Spring Festival Gala” 少儿春晚. 
3. The 5th AnHui Province Youth Spring Festival 第五届2019安徽省青少年春节联欢晚会
4. CCTV 中国中央电视台 for “Children’s Spring Festival Gala”

The hectic festive line up kickstarted with Liaoning Satellite TV 辽宁卫视, one of the top charts tv station in China for 2 programmes, Spring Festival Galas, one is Main “Spring Festival Gala” 主春晚 followed by “Children’s Spring Festival Gala” 少儿春晚. For the Children’s Spring Festival Gala, I picked up rollerblading challenge on stage performing one of my new hit songs【The Closest Embrace 最近的拥抱 】which was broadcasted by all the radio stations in 26 provinces in china! 
The spring gala show will be broadcasted during Lunar New year in early February 
Show Title: 
Snow Dream of Northeast children 东北娃冰雪梦- Children & Youth’s Spring Festival Gala of the Three Northeast Provinces and The Youth Snow Sports Launch-
at 海螺城大舞台 The Grand Sea Horn Stage

My song is based on a true story of a 5 years- old boy who was sent to Shenyang city, far away from his hometown in another province , he had to train for Acrobatics diligently for a whole year without even seeing his parents ! His only wish was to earn enough money to send his injured father to hospital as his poor mother was the sole breadwinner for the family. I strongly believe all the audience will be touched by this true heart breaking story and hope my song will warm their hearts, and bring more fortune for this family ! This is a reminder how we should be grateful for our rock solid wonderful mums! 

Following which I went for my third TV programme invitation for The 5th AnHui Province Youth Spring Festival 第五届2019安徽省青少年春节联欢晚会 at the the New Year of the Baby, Charming Anhui Baby Festival 娃娃闹新春 魅力安徽 宝贝盛典 where I got to perform one of my all-time favourite hit songs “The Closest Embrace 最近的拥抱” from my latest album “The Closest Embrace” it’s a song that never fails to pull my heartstrings as it’s so close to my heart and it’s such an honour to be sharing this song with all my fans during the auspicious lunar new year.. and I hope this song brings them much warmth and love this lunar new year. 

And finally, my second time performing for CCTV in Beijing, China’s biggest broadcast channel’s most watched Chinese New Year show “Children’s Spring Festival Gala” broadcasted to millions in China as an esteemed guest and an international child celebrity star performer. I performed “Voice of the Word” from my latest album “The Closest Embrace” and it definitely brought back great memories. A lot of hard work and sweat were put in behind this production and this was truly a meaningful and fulfilling moment in my career performing always for China’s largest broadcast station. This extravaganza is a joint Production by:
中央新影集团 The Central Newsreels and Documentary Film Studio, Beijing
央视北京科学教育电影制片厂CCTV Beijing Science Education Film Studio
中央电视台科教节目制作中心CCTV Science and Education Program Production Center

中国文学艺术基金会China Literature and Art Foundation 
The theme of this year’s show is to encourage childhood fun, a high quality program to portray the purity and innocence of young children and youths.
Promoting the overall growth of young people, bringing forward the spirit of china, Chinese ethics, Chinese excellent culture; the attitude of artistic excellence and vital principles, creating a more intense culture and art education atmosphere, promote the integration of art education and ideological and political education, corporation between professional art education together with ordinary art education, guiding young people to realise the greatest dream of the china and creating the beauty of life.

Having done all 4 large scale shows which were so hectic at times especially with all these back to back shows but I feel so satisfied ultimately as I get to live my dreaming as an artist cum singer and I can’t ask for anything better. Also, a big shutout and thanks to all the backstage people making such large scale shows possible, all the different units such as lighting, stage, wardrobe, crew etc it’s really a team work and they really deserve credit for making us artist look good on stage & in camera. 

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