Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

iROO SG 7th Anniversary / Xiao S Media Launch

A successful 7th Anniversary Media Conference and Celebration Party with International Professional Superstar, Xiao S. The whole store was transformed within 24 hours overnight before the launch to a Clubbing Concept for this special party! A great iROO team definitely in order to be able to do this so amazingly! ATMC and its partners supported iROO with total concept and event management and garnered massive awareness with fans and the media. Security was beefed up to ensure the safety of Xiao S throughout her stint here. Yes, and we did ensure she gets to eat her favourite Singapore food too! Take a look at all our cool security personnel! They are really so smart with their specially designed uniform for this special event! The whole event team was awesome with excellent synchronising of music, lighting and sleek coordination among all members and under the magnificent hosting by highly respected, veteran singer-songwriter and celebrity – Jiu Jian Kenn Lao Shi who is effectively bilingual, hosting the event seamlessly, total no glitch, such smooth transition and chemistry with Xiao S. Most importantly, many thanks to all the media, celebs and influencers who attended this party and interviewed Xiao S. #iroo #iroosg #xiaoS #小s 徐熙娣 #jiujian #玖健 #salonkream #atmarketingsg #activehivesg 

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