Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

Tan Ah Huat – Nanyang Tea Challenge 2019

Tan Ah Huat (Robin Loh) emerged as one of the 3 overall Gold Award winner for the Nanyang Tea Challenge 2019 during the recent Singapore Heritage Festival 2019.

One of the 3 overall Gold Award winner for the Nanyang Tea Challenge 2019

He also was the Top Scorer in Round 2 – Tea Brewing

ROUND 1  – TEA TASTINGhttps://www.facebook.com/letsgotoursg/videos/2683645271861721/

ROUND 2 – TEA BREWING https://www.facebook.com/letsgotoursg/videos/421956618557802/

ROUND 3 – TEA SHOW https://www.facebook.com/letsgotoursg/videos/542112816277561/

The iconic and interesting personality – Tan Ah Huat has been taking the social media by storm recently with a huge fan following his ‘trails’ to interesting sights and heritage places/food of Singapore.  He is indeed an excellent ‘ambassador’ promoting our Singapore culture and history!

In conjunction with SG Heritage Festival,  Let’s Go Tour also organised a special local tour to the East.   Called  ‘The Trails of Tan Ah Huat: Journey to the East’  last weekend on 23 and 24 March 2019.


Media who are keen to go on this tour separately or for a private session, please contact us for more details.  Email agnestay@atmc.com.sg    We have upcoming media tours on these dates:

  • 29 March Friday
  • 7 April Sunday

A first of its kind, a local story-telling tour which will make it exciting not only for overseas visitors to embark on for a better understanding of Singapore’s history, culture, traditions and heritage sites but also a great way to share with locals as well.  For the young children/students as part of their education and for the adults and seniors as well to relive our past history.  It is also  great for company retreat and team bonding.

A totally new and immersive tour experience  through the exciting and nostalgic story of Tan Ah Huat.

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