Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Gu Ma Jia Private Kitchen at Health Fiesta 2019

Working on Gu Ma Jia restaurant’s revamp, rebranding, business expansion for more than 6 years, we have successfully implemented changes. We handled the full service suite of communications, business development, social media, web content/design, graphic design, videography, marketing and PR strategies to drive sales, brand recognition and brand loyalty. It will only come true if client has similar beliefs and trust in our capabilities for some of our quirky ideas.

Most of the time, we foresee and preempt market demands and tweak the business accordingly. Very proud and happy for our client! Website: Do drop by Health Fiesta 2019 Suntec City Convention Hall 403 – 405 Food Zone 2 Booth no. 3 to try these homely tasty dishes! Last day on 5 May Sunday.

Another successful event at Heath Fiesta 2019 with some awesome food. Held from 3 May to 5 May 2019 at Suntec City Hall 403 to 405, Food Zone 2 Booth 3.

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