Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

[Emiliano Cyrus EC 一平 ] Completed 3 films and starring in 4th movie

Emiliano Cyrus completed 3 films  from August – December 2019 .  The three movies are 
  • 【Mountain Flower 山花 】
  • 【The Ultimate Opposition终极对垒】 
  • 【Slam Dunk 灌篮高手】

For these movies, he will  release 2 movie theme songs for both 【Slam Dunk 灌篮高手】and 【Mountain Flower 山花】

EC is also selected for a 4th movie “ 家春秋”, which is one of Chong Qin’s Triology ( 重庆政府的电影三部曲).

Up to date he already has 9 songs, and releasing 2 new songs soon for the above movie. 

His 10th single will be 芬芳 (theme song for 【Slam Dunk 灌篮高手】.

He just came back recently from the mountains where he filmed his 3rd movie 【Mountain Flower 山花 】, donating school necessities with international brands like Frog Prince青蛙王子 & AND1 the brands that he endorses to give back to the kids.  

Upcoming he will be performing in a concert alongside with my fairy mentor, Ms. Zengyan in New York.

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