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ATMC partnership with @Sublime Magazine

Great News for 2020. ATMC is thrilled to announce our partnership with @Sublime Magazine, the first international sustainable lifestyle magazine to represent SUBLIME Brand on the Asian Market, a business expansion to cater to the growing market and demand, or rather need for sustainability, bringing local and international exposure to Asian sustainable brands across all industries.

Since 2004, Sublime has been dedicated solely to promoting and serving the high-end brands of the green economy, offering a range of lifestyle products and services, including eco-friendly luxury products, ethical fashion, natural beauty, organic food, handmade goods, fairtrade, clean tech, renewable energy, transport, and eco-travel. The ever-growing green market is estimated globally to be worth £7.87 trillion per year.

Since 2007 Sublime rewards business that can be trusted by customers with the Sublime Brand endorsement badge. This badge allows businesses to promote their products and services as items that are manufactured and delivered in an environmentally and socially friendly manner.

At Sublime we believe that labeling is a good way to build a better relationship and understanding between customer and companies. In a larger scale, this contributes to consolidate and validate innovative and socially responsible business models across the business to consumer sector.

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