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Band Together, Singapore! – A Virtual Performance

Band Together, Singapore! – A Virtual Performance

400 Singapore musicians band together to a new arrangement of ‘Count on Me Singapore’
In conjunction with Singapore’s first-ever virtual National Day Celebrations, Band Directors’ Association (Singapore) is featuring a new music video of ‘Count On Me Singapore’ featuring 400 Singapore wind band musicians alongside original singer Mr. Clement Chow.

The pre-recorded digital performance will be premiered online (#bandtogethersingapore) on 7th August 2020, which sees 400 Singapore musicians from local and abroad come together in a display of solidarity to our nation during such extraordinary times.

Mass video recordings are gaining popularity these days but the wind band community is still underrepresented in Singapore.

Since music transcends language and given how almost every local educational institution consists of a concert/symphonic band, there is a sizable audience who can resonate with this project.

This video will see participants from all walks of life from students to professional musicians from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Singapore Armed Forces Band and the Singapore Police Force Band. Highlights of the video will include a drumline segment featuring drummers from the Armed Forces and Police Force Band, the rarely seen women police pipes & drums as well as musicians playing amalgamation instruments such as the DooD and Jsax. Music veteran

Mr. Clement Chow will helm this music video performing one of Singapore’s first and widely recognized national day songs ‘Count on Me Singapore’. The rehashing of a rousing and anthemic national day song may just be what is needed for that emotional resonance with Singaporeans come this national day. Putting together this video will be production firm Createurs Productions who brought to us the viral virtual choir video featuring Dick Lee’s “Home”.
The Band Directors’ Association (Singapore), also known as BDA(S), was founded in 1996 for professional band directors who are directing/teaching wind/brass bands in the local schools, tertiary institutions and the respective community groups. It is a non-profit organization involving active band directors, who serve as volunteers in the executive council, who meet regularly to discuss resources and programmes needed to continue the professional development of the band movement in Singapore.

This video is supported by the National Arts Council Singapore under the Digital Presentation Grant and part of #SgCultureAnywhere.

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