Mon. May 16th, 2022

Atos Wellness CSR project

Start the Lunar New Year with a good cause. If you cycle, or just cycle at home on a stationary bike.
Join Ride To Serve sponsored by Atos Wellness, their biggest CSR project to support a good cause! Registration is ongoing. Register now as an individual, as a family, with friends or as a company. You can also donate to support!
Companies can take this opportunity to encourage their employees to cycle for a good cause, as well as for good health. Companies that are interested to donate or participate, please click on this link:
For groups (families and friends), register on this link:
For individuals, register on this link:
*One unique QR code will be assigned to an individual, a group or a company. More information will be provided to participants after they have registered.
Check out this video by Mr.Aanandha Sharurajah (formerly Mr. Ananda Rajah), stroke survivor, and Founder of Atos Wellness and stay tuned about his amazing stroke recovery stories who is still the philanthropist he used to be before he suffered a stroke, he is still giving back to society and helping as much as he could.
Registration details on this link for all categories:
For interviews with riders, participants, donors and with the founder of Atos Wellness, Mr.Aananadha, please contact us

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