Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

CNA 938 Interview – “Stroke of Gratitude” by Mr Aanandha Sharurajah

Another inspiring story which we have been working on it for so long. Can’t wait for the official worldwide book release of ‘Stroke of Gratitude’. Stroke is preventable and healing is possible, stay tuned for the interview tonight with Anandha Sharurajah Atos Wellness at 9pm.
He was running one of the largest spa & wellness companies in Singapore when he suffered a devastating stroke.
Over the past decade, Aanandha Sharurajah has been working on his recovery and healing as a stroke survivor. His journey is documented in his new book “Stroke of Gratitude” which will be officially launched in Singapore and the United States on 23 August 2022.
Join Aanandha as he shares his story with Eugene Loh tonight on #SingaporeStories after the 9pm news on #cna938.

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