Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Short Video Strategies 2-Days MASTERCLASS by Master DAVID WEI

Unlock the Secrets of Viral Short Video Content!爆款短视频内容的秘密将揭晓!

Attention, Singapore! The expert master in content creation is here! Join us for the “Short Video Strategies MASTERCLASS” with none other than Master David Wei.  (Conducted in Mandarin).

新加坡的朋友们注意啦!短视频专家/大师即将亲临!欢迎参加由David Wei 伟总编亲自授课的“短视频策略大师班”(课程将以中文进行)。

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With an astounding track record of 3.3 million organic views, David is set to reveal the secrets behind his incredible success—without a single dollar spent on advertising!

拥有 330 万次自然浏览的惊人记录,伟总编将会教你短视频成功秘诀——无需花费一分钱广告费!

Why spend heavily on ads when you can learn to create genuinely engaging and authentic content that resonates with your audience?

你可以学习如何创造真正吸引并能引起受众共鸣的短视频, 为什么还要花大价钱做广告呢?


Workshop Highlights工作坊亮点:
Dates: 15 & 16 July 2024
Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Venue: 41 Jalan Pemimpin #03-07, Kong Beng Industrial Building, Singapore 577186 (Marymount MRT Station, Exit B)
Special Rate特别价:  $490 Sign up now! 立即报名!

What You Will Learn:
1. Shoot and Edit Like a Pro: Master the skills to independently create professional-quality videos.
2. Enhance On-Site Performance: Learn techniques to boost your video’s performance.
3. Perfect Video Positioning: Discover how to position your videos to maximise engagement
4. Gain practical skills that can be applied to current projects right away.
5. Connect with other aspiring content creators and build a supportive community.
6. Learn how to effectively communicate brand values,  vision and product information through content.
7. Build confidence in your abilities with the support and mentorship of a master content creator.


  1. 专业拍摄与剪辑
  2. 提高现场表现:学习提升视频表现的技巧。
  3. 完美视频定位
  4. 获得可立即应用于当前项目的实用技能。
  5. 与其他老板,领袖,  建立联系。
  6. 学习通过内容有效传达品牌价值、愿景和产品信息。
  7. 在伟总编的支持和指导下,建立对自己能力的信心。

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